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Commission_Sol-play by d-clua Commission_Sol-play :icond-clua:d-clua 12 2 HALLOWEEN MANSION_Pandaepan by d-clua HALLOWEEN MANSION_Pandaepan :icond-clua:d-clua 14 2 Commission_Jujube-seza by d-clua Commission_Jujube-seza :icond-clua:d-clua 17 1 Commission_Renahhchen by d-clua Commission_Renahhchen :icond-clua:d-clua 11 0 Commission_Potouto by d-clua Commission_Potouto :icond-clua:d-clua 19 1 Commission_Original Seussi by d-clua Commission_Original Seussi :icond-clua:d-clua 20 2 Commission_Cepphiro 2/2 by d-clua Commission_Cepphiro 2/2 :icond-clua:d-clua 21 2 Commission_Cepphiro 1/2 by d-clua Commission_Cepphiro 1/2 :icond-clua:d-clua 21 1 HALLOWEEN MANSION_Jerkaloid by d-clua HALLOWEEN MANSION_Jerkaloid :icond-clua:d-clua 11 1 HALLOWEEN MANSION_Sugarcoatedstars by d-clua HALLOWEEN MANSION_Sugarcoatedstars :icond-clua:d-clua 10 1 HALLOWEEN MANSION_Junori by d-clua HALLOWEEN MANSION_Junori :icond-clua:d-clua 11 1 HALLOWEEN MANSION_Hexen breaker by d-clua HALLOWEEN MANSION_Hexen breaker :icond-clua:d-clua 13 2 HALLOWEEN MANSION_Flyingwaysofducks 2/2 by d-clua HALLOWEEN MANSION_Flyingwaysofducks 2/2 :icond-clua:d-clua 9 0 HALLOWEEN MANSION_Flyingwaysofducks 1/2 by d-clua HALLOWEEN MANSION_Flyingwaysofducks 1/2 :icond-clua:d-clua 9 0 HALLOWEEN MANSION_Original Seussi by d-clua HALLOWEEN MANSION_Original Seussi :icond-clua:d-clua 8 1 HALLOWEEN MANSION_Koyoba 2/2 by d-clua HALLOWEEN MANSION_Koyoba 2/2 :icond-clua:d-clua 10 1

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Just as a tiny update, I will delivering two slots next week AND the tiny winter specials for the ones who commissioned a fullbody couple. The two fullbody couple I will be delivering the very first week of January, I'm very sorry for the lateness on them :A:
There is one fullbody couple + the extra slot open. The rest is closed! 
I'm not accepting new slots right now!
:A: I'm offering a little extra for any full body couple commission!

Christgood by d-clua

(500x500 px of a chibi couple like this, you can ask for the same characters of your fullbody comm or any other two charas)
**I have 4 slots left but I will close commissions as soon as I have two slots claimed for fullbody couple!
BTW I'm posting the remaining two slots in the lapse of next week!!
I'm opening a few regular commission slots, again the last of the year! After this, I might increase their price again by $5 each.
***I'm posting two more Halloween mansions today and two more tomorrow!
EDIT: Will be posting slot 4 and 7 tomorrow :_;!
EDIT2: Alright, I'm posting slot 5 tomorrow and hopefully slot 10 as well!
EDIT3: Hey guys! I'm done with all Halloween commissions :D! I will start with the new regular slot commissions on Oct.31. If you have a Halloween slot reserved and you still want it, please let me know if you still want it for Halloween.
EDIT4:Added 3 more slots!
EDIT5:Guys I think I might close this by next week, so let me know if you are interested in one :D

:RULES: Please read before ordering

-First come, first serve.
-Payment first, via PayPal only!
-Please fill this form when you note me:
*Name of your character(s):
*Type of commission(Headshot/Chibi/Halfbody style/Fullbody)
*References and a brief description of the character:
*Background or without background

-Will only request money when I am ready to work on your slot, I will not accept money in advance.(Read * above)
-Multiple commissions in one slot are accepted, but I will request to pay for each commission at once.
-Commission completion will take a week and a half or less, if not I will refund your money back.
-Because of this, I do not refund while I am working on your commission.
-If after 2 days confirming I am able to work on your slot I don't receive either reply nor payment
I will move to the following slot. Sorry for that!

-Characters with complex armors/weapons will be requested to add a fee of $5 more(This just apply to fullbody type)
-Nothing extreme guys!(With that I mean porn or gore)
-Please let me know if your commission is private, so I will not post it on my gallery :D

Do and Don'ts (I was asked!)

I don't draw:
-Porn, fetish/niche fetish
I do draw:
-Mostly everything else! Just ask if you are in doubt!

-Simple chibi commisions-

Price: $15 (additional characters for $10/Up to 2! If you want 3 characters in one canvas(Which is the limit I will draw in one picture) the pricing will go like>15+10+15)

-Simple halfbody style commissions-

Price:$18 (aditional character for $10)

-Simple headshot commisions-

Price: $20 (Just one character per image)
Commission_Original Seussi 1/2 by d-clua

-Simple fullbody commisions-

Price: $20 (additional characters for $15)
Commision_wraith-in-the-shadow by d-clua Commision_Ramenli by d-clua Commision_Mediciner by d-clua Commision_Exclaimed 1 by d-clua Commision_Gi-Ace 5 by d-clua
Hey guys! As promised here it is!

There will be just 10 slots this time, making this kind of commissions very limited. Also, this will be my last commissions of 2017 so hope you like them. At first, they might come as empty but these, in particular, got a bunch of nice customization so it's up to you to decide what you want.
Sample by d-clua
Halloween tiny horror house

$15 each!

800x800 px, two characters inside with a tiny hovering/floating animation for ghosts.
I'm only doing 10 slots, you can ask up to two commissions per slot(If you order two commissions in one slot, I will add an additional character for free on either of your commissions :D!)

Please note me with this form if you like one:
Name of your characters:
References and a brief description of their personalities:
Halloween costume:Yes/No(I'm heavily simplifying their default clothes if you choose "No")
What you can custom:
Halloween Feel: Modern/Classic(If you choose Modern I will add elements which look more recent, if you choose classic I will try to make it look more vintage. Depends on the context of your charas)
Color of walls: 
Floor: Wooden or Checked
Rug: Yes/No
Outside window: I can draw a tiny something there, very simple!
Painting or poster: Again very simple. Provide reference if needed!
Halloween props?: Choose two(Pumpkin/Black cat/Skeleton/Bats)
Ghost shape: If you don't provide instructions here I will use the default ones.(Will have a tiny floating animation)
Border color: (Either Orange as the example/Bright Purple/Neon Green) If you don't choose anything I might change it according to all elements inside.
TEXT: Please, keep it short!
***Yes, you can suggest how your characters interact


:RULES: Please read before ordering

-First come, first serve.
-Payment first, via PayPal only!
-If after 2 days confirming I am able to work on your slot I don't receive either reply nor payment
I will move to the following slot. Sorry for that!
-Nothing extreme guys!(With that I mean porn or gore)
-Please let me know if your commission is private, so I will not post it on my gallery :D (Big Grin)



11>:iconmigbox:>Follows slot 7 from batch 2

On hold:


7>:iconnachi-chi:>Up next!
8>:iconsol-play:>Follows slot 11 from batch 1
9>:iconmidnight321:>Follows slot 8


Works doing cakes and games. You can find more about my games here:
You can support me either commission me or by purchasing something from my store:

Thank you so much! :D


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I love your games lot's cant wait for the new infuruibia demo~ 
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Muchas gracias :A:!!
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