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I'm back guys sorry for the disappearance!
From today, I will start posting the remaining slots I have pending, as soon as I got to finish them all, I will open
commissions again as I promised before.
Some things about newer slots:

+Simple Chibi commissions will be $15, there will be no extra fee for complicated clothing or weapons
+Simple Fullbody commissions will be $20, there will be an extra $5 fee for over complicated clothing or weapons!
+I will be still doing simple halfbody style for $18, there will be an extra fee too but maybe less!
+Small pets doesn't apply as a second character as long as you request them simple and small
+I will leave a form so it's easier for everyone to choose elements on the commission (Such as color on the background, etc)

Guys! :A: I'm sorry I took this long to reply!See * for an explanation!
For everyone who reserve a slot, I will be able to work on them early April(2nd to be precise)
But just for this time, I will be accepting payment in advance and working them in order of who pays first.
I will be sending a note in some hours so we can talk about it better. Thank you so much! I'm totally opening
again for everyone on May. I will upgrade my style a bit with a cleaner finish(You will see that on this slots I'm
going to do)

*For the ones who remember my otome visual novel (The Knife of the Traitor)
I'm participating in **Nanoreno again! This time it's not an otome, you can see more here and here
**Nanoreno  takes place at the start of March and ends as expected at the end of the month, that's why I've been unable
to work on anything until now :A:!
Opening two slots. Notice this is just for chibi commission! If any of the reserve slot opens, I will notify everyone about it
via this journal. Thank you
Guys guys! Thank you so much for voting on my lousy poll!
This one if anyone wonders:…
I didn't want to make anyone unhappy with this question, I trully value what you think about my art so I wanted to
know if you actually liked the backgrounds. If you request me to take it out, I can do it. And it's in any way a hassle,
 so please don't feel bad to request it :A:
I actually had an idea to have a format for every commission, so you can request with background/without/both.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted! It really means a lot to me XD
Oke guys! Slots are full finally, thank you so so much again!!
:A:! I... Opening commissions again! This time is really the last time! (Until May 2015! Where the price of each commission
will rise by $5, also some other fees will be applied if nesesary)

DEAL OF THE WEEK, there are some experimental half style fullbody for $15! I don't have an example since I never done this style before... (HINT: if you like the render for chibi and you would like your fullbodies to look cute, this is for you!)
Again, guys you are awesome!! Thank you so much!!
AAAAAAA thank you everyone!! :A:
Opening up a second(last?) batch!
Hi guys! As promised I will open slots again!
Please notice that after this commissions I will be rising the prices a little bit again, also I will start
to charge a fee for complex character/weapon designs.
As my calculations goes, I will open commissions again around May.

:RULES: Please read before ordering

-First come, first serve.
-Payment first, via paypal only!
-Will only request money when I am ready to work on your slot, I will not accept money in advance.
-Multiple commisions in one slot is accepted, but I will request to pay for each commision at once.
-Commision completion will take a week and a half or less, if not I will refund your money back.
-Because of this I do not refund while I am working on your commission.
-If after 2 days confirming I am able to work on your slot I don`t receive either reply nor payment
I will move to the following slot. Sorry guys! But since time is not my ally I must take
advantage of my free time.

-Characters with complex armors/weapons will be requested to add a fee of $5 more.
-Nothing extreme guys!(With that I mean porn or gore)
-Please let me know if your commision is private, so I will not post it on my gallery :D


-Simple chibi commisions-

Price: $10 (additional characters for $8)
Kitty Copy by d-cluaUchu01 by d-cluaKaiapi by d-cluaCommision_Inhereisztragedy by d-cluaCommission_Rengris 3 by d-cluaCommission_Sakura-Pumpkin by d-clua

-Simple fullbody commisions-

Price: $15 (additional characters for $10)
Commision_wraith-in-the-shadow by d-cluaCommision_Ramenli by d-cluaCommision_Mediciner by d-cluaCommision_Exclaimed 1 by d-cluaCommision_Gi-Ace 5 by d-cluaCommission_Re-Silverflare by d-cluaCommission_Inhereisatragedy 1 by d-clua

(PRIORITY)People who still need to redeem their  $5 discount:


:Really last batch: (Will reduce slots if I got enought fund on less)
1.chibi >  :iconsakura-pumpkin: Done!
2.  chibi>  :iconshouu-kun: Done!
3. chibi >  :iconcappuchi:Done!
4. fullbody>:iconcrowfalling: Done!
5.chibi >:iconnearthestars: Done!
6.chibi > :iconwolphfe: Done! 
7.chibi >:icongelly-bear: Done!
8.chibi>>:iconkittiehkat: Done!
9.exp half style fullbody>:iconowkaii: Done

Magic new slots: (Only chibi!)
reserve>:iconmachomilk: On hold!
reserve>:iconlacedwithrainbows: On hold!
1.reserve >:iconshouu-kun: follows slot 4 / 2 chibi
2. :iconre-silverflare: follows slot 3/ 3 chibi Up next!
3:iconcrownwaltz: follows slot 8/ 3 chibi  Done!
4reserve> :iconk-kinq: follows slot 2 / 1 chibi

:Third Batch:
1. chibi> :iconpomdelion: Done!
2. fullbody > :iconkiakruz: Done!
3. chibi>:iconshouu-kun: Done!
4.  chibi> :iconwolphfe: Done!
5. chibi> :iconlainykins: Done!
6, fullbody> :iconmi-ya-ka:Done!
7. fullbody>:iconoriginalseussi: Done!

:Second batch:

1. chibi> :iconwolphfe: Done!
2.chibi> :iconauxcord: Done!
3.fullbody :iconcrowfalling: Done!
4. fullbody> :iconcaracasa: Done!
5.fullbody>  :iconmauvetears:Done!
6.fullbody> :iconfrizzchan: Done!

:First  batch:
1. chibi >  :iconkraikrai: Done!
2. fullbody  > :iconshadowedlullaby: Done!
3. fullbody  > :iconkiakruz:  Done!
4. fullbody& chibi >:iconcongeenial: Done!
5. chibi >  :iconwolphfe: Done!
6. chibi > :iconmsmotley:Done!


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