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OK! Commissions are now open again LAST BATCH until December! I might open some more slots depending of how I advance them. There are 2 exp bust slots too!

Hope everyone have a great October!!
Guys! I'm sorry for dissapearing! I'm resuming my commission work today. I'm also posting the slot pending. Just to note that EXP bust slots are still open!

Offer of the week: EXP bust again for $10, examples:
Commission_Exp Bust_Sakura-Pumpkin by d-cluaCommission_Exp Bust_Lainykins by d-cluaCommission_Exp Bust_Original Seussi by d-cluaCommission_Exp Bust_Original Seussi 2 by d-cluaCommission_Exp Bust_Original Seussi 3 by d-cluaCommission_Exp bust_Re-Silverflare by d-cluaEXP BUST Comm_Purishira by d-clua
EDIT:adding new example
EXP Bust slots will be always 7, and they will be worked in parallel of regular slots, with the same rules bellow.
My pc is broken and I need to save for that too :A:!

Name of character:
Some thing your character likes:
Just a brief description will do.

Guys! I'm back! I'm posting the remaining slots in some minutes(If not in this instant!)

:RULES: Please read before ordering

-First come, first serve.
-Payment first, via PayPal only!
-Please fill this form when you note me:
*Name of your character(s):
*Type of commission(Chibi/Halfbody style/Fullbody)
*Background or without background

-Will only request money when I am ready to work on your slot, I will not accept money in advance.
-Multiple commissions in one slot is accepted, but I will request to pay for each commission at once.
-Commission completion will take a week and a half or less, if not I will refund your money back.
-Because of this I do not refund while I am working on your commission.
-If after 2 days confirming I am able to work on your slot I don't receive either reply nor payment
I will move to the following slot. Sorry for that!

-Characters with complex armors/weapons will be requested to add a fee of $5 more(This just apply to fullbody type)
-Nothing extreme guys!(With that I mean porn or gore)
-Please let me know if your commission is private, so I will not post it on my gallery :D

Do and Don'ts (I was asked!)

I don't draw:
-Porn, fetish/niche fetish
I do draw:
-Mostly everything else! Just ask if you are in doubt!

-Simple chibi commisions-

Price: $15 (additional characters for $10/Up to 3! For example if you order 3 in one canvas it would be $15+$10+$10)
Kitty Copy by d-cluaUchu01 by d-cluaKaiapi by d-cluaCommision_Inhereisztragedy by d-cluaCommission_Rengris 3 by d-cluaCommission_Sakura-Pumpkin by d-cluaCommission_Wolphfe by d-clua

-Simple halfbody style commissions-

Price:$18 (aditional character for $10)

EXP Half style Commission_Owkaii by d-clua

-Simple fullbody commisions-

Price: $20 (additional characters for $15)
Commision_wraith-in-the-shadow by d-cluaCommision_Ramenli by d-cluaCommision_Mediciner by d-cluaCommision_Exclaimed 1 by d-cluaCommision_Gi-Ace 5 by d-cluaCommission_Re-Silverflare by d-cluaCommission_Inhereisatragedy 1 by d-cluaCommission_Original Seussi by d-clua

(PRIORITY)People who still need to redeem their  $5 discount:


Third Last batch! (CLOSED, for now!)

1>:iconlainykins: Done!
3>reserve:iconlatulies: Up next!

Second batch! (Closed)

:iconboyfriend-kun:/2 simple chib+ 1 couple chibi/ Done!
2>:icontiltedhalops44:/Fullbody/ Done!
:iconjinhii: /couple chibi >Done!
:iconexclaimed:/chibi couple> Done!
:iconjaynut:/fullbody Done!
:iconwolphfe:/chibi couple>Done!
:iconhikari-faerie: Done!
>:iconbooksen: Done!

2>:iconoriginalseussi: Done!
3>:iconsimonala: Done!
4>:iconkinectiklover: Done!
5>:iconoriginalseussi: Done!
6>:iconsimonala: Done!
8>reserve>:iconmsmotley: Up next!

: On hold : (Please send me a note to redeem the slot :D)

First Batch!

1>:iconnachi-chi:/chibi group image(3)>>>Done!
2>:iconrerolune:/chibi couple >Done!
3>:icontheangelofmemories: /chibi couple>Done!
4>:iconblueberrygoblin:/chibi couple>Done!
7>:iconrubberduck4lunch: /couple fullbody/Done!


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hiimmocha Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015
ahh art is cute too cute adfghjkl :iconexcitedplz:
Galdoria-Graints Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Student General Artist
Llegue a tu DA por casualidad, vi tu arte y ame los chibis realmente son hermosos y adorables '-' ¿Realmente eres de Perú?Si es así ¿De que parte? Lo siento es que me emocione porque yo soy de Perú y no conozco muchos artistas que dibujen tan hermoso como tu ;u;
d-clua Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015
Hola!! Muchas gracias por tus lindas palabras. Sip, soy de Perú también(De Lima) Pero sabes hay muchos mas artistas peruanos que dibujan mejor que yo, asi que no te sorprenda!! XD Espero que tengas unas buenas fiestas patrias. Gracias por tu visita. :D
Galdoria-Graints Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015  Student General Artist
Waao, me gustaría conocerlos xdd 
Misutore01 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HABLAS ESPAÑOL?!! oh al fin! estaba preparada para comentar en mi limitado ingles pero me salve! ehem...solo quería decirte que tus dibujos son muy lindos y geniales al mismo tiempo y me encanta como dibujas! ^w^
d-clua Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015
Siii hablo español! XD Muchisimas gracias por las lindas palabras, espero no decepcionar ;A;!
Misutore01 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
De seguro no lo harás jeje, tus dibujos enserio me encantan! (Oh y gracias por el Watch)
Phoenix-of-a-Down Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
d-clua Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015
Hey!! XD Sorry I'm not that active there anymore :_:
Phoenix-of-a-Down Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:3c That's fine.. I'm just glad you're still doing art stuffs.
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