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Thank you everyone!!! I will work on this slots and I will see if I can open some more again. Thank you :D
I will be back to each of you in a couple of hours :A:!

Guuuys, it is that time of the year again! As I promised I will change my rules so you won`t have to wait a life for my commisions :_:
Please read them carefully!


-First come, first serve.
-Payment first, via paypal only!
-Will only request money when I am ready to work on your slot, I will not accept money in advance.
-Multiple commisions in one slot is accepted, but I will request to pay for each commision at once.
-Commision completion will take a week and a half or less, if not I will refund your money back.
-Because of this I do not refund while I am working on your commision.
-If after 2 days confirming I am able to work on your slot I don`t receive either reply nor payment
I will move to the following slot. Sorry guys! But since time is not my ally I must take
advantage of my free time.

-Characters with complex armors/weapons will be requested to add a fee of $5 more.
-Nothing extreme guys!(With that I mean porn or gore)
-Please let me know if your commision is private, so I will not post it on my gallery :D


-Simple chibi commisions-

Price: $10 (additional characters for $8)
Kitty Copy by d-cluaUchu01 by d-cluaKaiapi by d-cluaCommision_Inhereisztragedy by d-clua

-Simple fullbody commisions-

Price: $15 (additional characters for $10)
Commision_wraith-in-the-shadow by d-cluaCommision_Ramenli by d-cluaCommision_Mediciner by d-cluaCommision_Exclaimed 1 by d-cluaCommision_Gi-Ace 5 by d-clua

(PRIORITY)People who still need to redeem their  $5 discount:

* redeemed :iconoriginalseussi: >Done!

1. fullbody > :iconzyvoxx: Done!
2. chibi >:icontokban: Done!
3. chibi >  :iconwraith-in-the-shadow: Done!
4. chibi >  :iconnaoryu: Done!
5. fullbody >  :iconinhereisatragedy: Done!
6. chibi > reserved :iconstarsuchi: Done!
7. fullbody >reserved :iconblueberrygoblin: up next!
8. chibi > reserved > :iconlawman09:
I think I might not open more slots but If things goes well, I will. Hope they will :A:!

For the ones who liked TKOT, I opened for a limited time a little store on storeny:
It will be open until the first week of December to avoid the mess that mail becomes on those dates.

Will open next year anyway! I was hoping to have more time to let you know about this :A:
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Commission_Starsuchi by d-clua
This is a commission for :iconstarsuchi:
This devilish couple is really adorable, I love their design! Hope you like it!
Commission_Inhereisatragedy by d-clua
This is a commision for :iconinhereisatragedy:
I hope he is fine! This is the very little times I use reference for a pose, I thought a delinquent squat would totally fit him but I corrected this drawing like 9 times because I couldn't get it right (not even joking XD) He is tsundere so probably someone made a compliment about his hairstyle or something....

Hope you like it!
Commission_Naoryu 3 by d-clua
Commission_Naoryu 3
This a commission for :iconnaoryu:
They are so cool that I couldn't bear myself to draw them but into a menacing cool pose, like "Huh? Are you talking about us?!"
Hope you like it!!
Commission_Naoryu 2 by d-clua
Commission_Naoryu 2
This is a commission for :iconnaoryu:
He is Taiga, and he just stole some tasty meat.
Hope you like it! :D
Commission_Naoryu 1 by d-clua
Commission_Naoryu 1
This is a commission for :iconnaoryu:
He is Hyne! And he likes to forecast weather (That`s why he is prepared for rainy days :D )
Hope you like it!


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nezure Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Student
Hola!! ovo amm quizas este mensaje te parezca medio random pero compre tus fanzines alla por el 2009 en el otakufest y te queria preguntar un par de cosas, mejor te mando una nota (?) 
d-clua Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
:A:! Wow! Claro, si gustas mandame una nota. :D Gracias!!
NabarisYoite Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist Writer
R-Nikolaid-Cheezy Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Eres peruanaaa  ; 3 ; 
llegue aqui por el blog Viajero K me preguntaba si eras tu la que hace los dibujitos xD 

saluditos me gusta tu estilo y v y
d-clua Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
Wow! Es la primera vez que me encuentran por Viajero K! XD Muchisimas gracias por tus lindas palabras, siempre me alegra ver a mas compatriotas acá XD Saludos!
R-Nikolaid-Cheezy Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Fue muy facil (?)
Recién descubrí la pagina y me metí al blog para saber si aun estaba en actividad porque queria ver de comprar algunas cositas x'D

Y si es bonito encontrar mas peruanos raras veces los encuentras xDD
miczz Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Clua! que genial está tu galería!! estaba "pasando por aquí" y decidí saludar! XD
papertale Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
d-clua Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
XD Ceci draw something! I`m waiting :_:
Thank you for the visit too :D!
papertale Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
I'd love to, but I don't have Photoshop anymore. ;(
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